Intercept Attacks

Battle Ordering: All ship to ship combat has two combat stages:
  1. Intercepting ships with a cloaking device attack their intercept targets.
  2. The Friendly Code Battle order.

Intercepts Attack

Under HOST.EXE Version 3.20 ships on intercept missions with a cloaking device will attack their
intercept target ship first. The highest ID ships on a intercept mission with a cloaking device will attack before the lower ID ships on intercept missions. Anytime a ship on an intercept mission goes into combat it looses its intercept lock. This
allows ships with higher IDs and a cloaking device to intercept intercepting ships before they reach their target.

REMEMBER: You must set your primary enemy to the race of the ship you are intercepting if you wish to attack them.

If you are a race that depends on cloaking to survive this is a  useful attack mode to use to take out loki(s) that are
members of an enemy fleet.