Production Queue

In the Nu Year 0044 a cross race agreement was made to improve the build queue enabling each race to have more control over their own destiny. This rule is called the Production Queue and works as follows:

There is a soft-limit of 500 total ships that can be built in any game. This limit is imposed to prevent the game from becoming too big and to force players to begin fighting in order to build more ships. Once there are 500 ships in the game it is possible to continue to build ships by earning Priority Points.  

Regular Build Queue

Every turn starbases build ships in random order (a new order each turn). As each starbase is selected it will either:

A) Build a ship that is set to build
B) Produce 2 priority production points if not set to build

Whenever there are 500 ships in existence the regular queue stops.  

Priority Build Queue

Players can use priority production points to build new ships at any time (regardless of the ship limit). 

Priority building ships cost:
  • 1 + 1 point for each 50kt of hull mass
A Medium Deep Space Freighter which has a hull mass of 60kt will cost 3 PP to priority build.  
A Diplomacy Class Cruiser weighs 180kt and will cost 5 PP to priority build. 

You can earn priority points in several ways:
  1. For every 100kt of enemy hull mass you destroy in ship to ship combat or by glory device you will earn 1 point.
  2. Starbases earn 2 points when not building a ship (as above).
  3. 1 point is earned when a ship is recycled
  4. 1 point is earned when a glory device is activated
  5. If you destroy an enemy starbase you will steal up to 2 priority points from them (if they have some)

You can choose to use your priority points by setting a starbase friendly code to pb1, pb2, ..., pb9 and they will build in order. 

Host Order

Ships can be built at several different times during the host order. Priority builds come first (using priority points), then regular builds, ship cloning, then movement and combat occurs, then regular builds happen again to replace any lost ships up to 500.